Why should I use Drubuntu?

Drubuntu is a free to use development environment that set its self up in under half a hour. It's very easy and simple to use but as powerful as Acquia's Dev Desktop a Bitnami Stack or even Vagrant. In addition to Drupal we provide pluggable features like APC, MemCache, Varnish, ProFtpD oder even Bootstrap 3 with Sass support. We also provide some coding tools in this environment like Aptana Studio or GitHub's Atom text editor. But thats not all: You can choose to work with windows programs like Adobe Dreamweaver as well as with your favorite Linux desktop.

Drubuntu comes with nine different desktop environments you can choose from

Drubuntu provides Ubuntu's 9 most popular desktop environments out of the box You can see some examples below:

What kind of desktop guy you are?

Are you hip and like silk beautified modern desktops than Pantheon is yours!

Are you more old school and missing gnome how it was before Gnome 3 then Mate and Cinnamon are worth to try.

Or do you like the look of the new Gnome and want to use is every day? Here it is just install it!

Pantheon, Gnome and it's forks are foreign countries for you and you like KDE since it came out? Than just use it, Drubuntu provides it for you.

And if you still not satisfied and just want to use a normal Ubuntu desktop use Unity, please. It is all under your fingertips with Drubuntu's desktop chooser.

Cinnamon Desktop Environment of Linux Mint
Mate Desktop Environment
Gnome 3 Desktop Environment
Enlightenment Desktop Environment of Bodhi Linux
Pantheon Desktop Environment of elementary-os
LDE Desktop Environment

Pluggable features for Drupal site builders and Drupal developers

Choosing from more than one desktop is great. sure! But what features does Drubuntu offer when it comes to the meat? Creating websites with Drupal!

Features of Drubuntu

Drubuntu brings a lot of pluggable features

As a Drupal developer or even as a site builder your requirements are as different as your projects are. Sometimes you use your favorite editor sometimes you need to test a memory caching system, because your project is big and sometimes you just want to work with windows apps like Adobes Creative Suite but do not wanna miss your Drupal development server.

Drubuntu gives you the ability to choose hpw you like to work! On a robust and stable LTS Ubuntu with great coding tools like GitHub's Atom text editor or Aptana Studio 3. If you just want to use a basic dev server without a desktop environment and using tools like Sass, Comapss and grunt Drubuntu is what you are looking for. and the best of all it's free!

If you like to cotribute a bleeding edge feature or just want to say thank you do not hasitate to drop as a note or .

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